Recap Jan 1-5 #ThrowbackThursday #MinistryLife

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already writing this. I’m certain I’ll add to it before it goes life on Thursday morning. One of my resolutions/goals for this year in my ministry life was to start a blog and keep it going. So far I’ve made it one week. That’s an accomplishment, seeing as how I tried this multiple times in 2016 and failed miserably.

This year will be different though. I know it will. Even after this week being as different as it normally is. My child normally comes to work with me. This week that will only happen on Thursday. I’ve also only worked today and Sunday, YAY NEW YEAR! But most importantly, I’ve been working this week without a computer.

For someone who is almost constantly on the computer when working, that’s a bit difficult for me. It’s involved my normal blog scheduling days, my normal sermon writing days. Thursday is my catch up day, where I do everything I didn’t get done earlier in the week before my “weekend” begins. Well, Thursday is officially the only day I’ll have my computer.

That makes work-life a bit difficult. I’m the treasurer for our local Ministerial Alliance this year and I can’t even input the checks I’ve written! Talk about trying to remind myself of that constantly.

This week, aside from lacking in my normal computer time, has involved loads of reading and counseling time. I’m currently reading through Growing Young again. I am doing this as a study with the elder’s in one of my congregations wanting to learn how to grow the church in new ways. I think it’s a perfect study for them. This book is an excellent book. I’m a part of the generation they’re wanting to attract to churches, so a lot of the information in it was a “duh!” moment to me, but for those not a part of my generation, I know it has great value.

I’m also reading through Sticky Faith, which also comes out of the Fuller Youth Institute. I’m reading it for personal interest as well as increasing my ministry ability. It’s a good book to read and think about now that I’m a parent, even though my child is a bit young for me to really implement some of the practical aspects of it.

I’ve been listening to the 200Churches Podcast a lot over the last two weeks. I love this podcast. Not only is it geared for the sized churches I’m a leader in, but it’s absolutely hilarious to listen to Jeff and Jonny. I decided to start from the beginning of the podcast, so I’ve got loads of episodes to listen to and catch up. Since I’m in a rural area and do a lot of driving to and fro, I get a good amount of listening time done while I’m in the car.


It’s Thursday. I got my computer back, albeit unfixed. Long story. But I feel as through life is back in order now. On top of all this, it’s beautifully snowing outside. I love the snow, and I love when it’s allowed to softly fall on the ground, which is rare here in Western Kansas.

My son came to work with me today. It’s only the second time since December 16th. Normally he comes every day, but my husband’s work schedule has been wonky and with my mother in town for the holiday’s this is how it worked out. And I gotta say, we no longer have any type of routine. He should be sleeping right about now, but instead he’s making funny noises from “baby jail” behind me as I try to ignore him so he’ll sleep.

Tis the life of a #workingmom

Bringing the baby to work is an odd and strange experience all in and of itself. I’ll probably have to write a whole separate post on that one later. For now, though, I’m signing off!


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