A New Year Pentecost #DevotionDandy #Devotional #Acts2

Read Acts 2:1-13 

Read it out loud this time…

Read it one more time, this time whisper…


It’s not Pentecost. I promise it didn’t just sneak up on you this year. But I think there’s something celebrating the birth of the church in our regular New Year. This is a time when we are to be thinking about the future, looking toward the wonders we can’t even imagine.

Back in the day, speaking one language and hearing another was something only of miracles. Today we have technology. We have imaginations that give us the universal translator of Star Trek, something where we can all communicate and talk together. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

We’re supposed to talk together. To listen to each other. That’s the point of all these wonderful creations, right? The creation of the cell phone, the pen and paper and written word, of allowing and teaching so many to become literate.

Listen to the wind, listen to the Spirit and listen to each other.

Yet sometimes I feel as though listening is the last thing on our minds. I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes struggle to be the listening party of a relationship, especially when it’s a personal relationship and not a work relationship. My job is to listen, not just to individuals but to the church, and sometimes I don’t translate that well into my personal life, and my spouse gets the bad end of the deal.

Pentecost is about feeling the Spirit and the wonders God can do for us, yes, but Pentecost is also about listening to all that is going around. The wind will tell you a lot. It’ll tell you if it’s going to rain, if it’s going to be a rough drive from one church to the next, whether it’ll be cold or warm, or if a storm is coming or not. The wind is the Spirit. And we seem to listen to the real wind more than the Ruach, the Spirit filled wind that God blows over us.

The New Year is the perfect time to listen. We’re all about resolutions, all about making changes in our lives. So we need to listen, not to ourselves or our own desires, but to the wind, to the Spirit, to the Messiah, to the longings of what God wants for us in this world.


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