Recap Jan 8-12 #ThankfulThursday #ThrowbackThursday

It’s been a slow week. This time of year, I always expect it to be busy. Tis the season and all that with funerals. That may sound harsh, but it’s how it’s been the last few years I’ve been in this job. Seems the Methodist church kitty corner us has been getting them all. I keep meaning to make a “Survival Kit” for the pastor there.

I’ve been working on general stuff this week. Nothing too out of the ordinary except trying to get my son back into the habit of coming to work with me. For four weeks someone was home and he wasn’t with me at the job, and boy has it been an adjustment for him again. It’s been rough for both of us.

You know some things don’t always work out like you think they will. Today I have a ministerial alliance lunch, and this morning my husband asked if he could borrow my car instead of taking his. You see, we only have $5 in our checking account right now until tomorrow morning when he gets paid again. My car had half a tank of gas. His car doesn’t, and he’d have to use that $5 to hopefully get home.

First he asked if I had anything going on today. I told him I had hoped to do a hospital visit a town away, but I could always do it tomorrow. So he went away with my car. Suddenly I realized, sitting in my office, thirty minutes into my work day, that I have ministerial alliance lunch today, and I need a car because it’s about 10 degrees outside. Not only do I just need a car (because I have his) but I need the CAR SEAT for the BABY.

Now I’m stranded. I do live in a small town, so I’m thinking I could bundle both of us up real good and take the stroller over to the other church. It’s about 5 blocks away and will involve maybe 15 minutes of driving.

#badplanning on my part. no joke.

It’s also the life we’re still adjusting to. It’s difficult, it’s rough, but it makes for lots of stupidly interesting and stupidly fun memories.


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