Recap Jan 15-20 #ThrowbackThursday

Wowee! It has been a week. The cold/bug thing whatever is flowing through my house. Took the baby to the doctor (which is a 45 minute drive), and I was out of commission the rest of Tuesday evening with a fever. Then my spouse contracted this nastiness and was out of commission Wednesday and Thursday.

It has been a week. For sure. But part of being a pastor is realizing the work doesn’t really ever stop. In the midst of me having a 103 fever, I was planning for worship meeting and a funeral on Saturday.

Funerals for people I don’t know, or don’t know well, are not always the easiest. I rely heavily on what the family can tell me about the deceased. The funeral I’m presiding at this weekend is one of those. I knew the deceased, but not well. I’d only met him a few times and that was after dementia had set in.

These services can be hard, not just on me, but on the church. Last year around this time, both my congregations were inundated with funerals. I had 5 in 14 days at 35/36 weeks pregnant. It was rough going. I think I slept 12 hours straight after it was all finished with.

But this is the work of the Lord as well. I get to meet and talk to people who I may otherwise never get to see. I get to be in front of people, speaking the Lord’s message and the gospel and have an audience who may never otherwise step into a church on Sunday morning. It’s an opportunity, and it’s a time when people are rethinking they’re own lives and choices.

I don’t do a call during services. I find that tacky anyway, because nothing I say is going to change the hearts and minds of those people, only God can do that, and when they’re emotions are high because of the loss of a family member? I can’t imagine them fully understanding what it means to make that decision. But to me, it’s a time to plant seeds, to allow welcome that may not happen otherwise, and to share the love Christ has given me.

So it has been a week for me, a week that won’t end. Services were canceled last Sunday due to the ice storm that overtook a lot of the nation, Monday started and it won’t stop. Today I’m working and Saturday I’m working (Friday/Saturday are my typical days off) so that means I’ll work 11 days straight, assuming nothing comes up between now and next Friday.

Tis the life I love and want to live.


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