Selfishness of Stewardship #DevotionDandy #Acts5

Read Acts 5:1-11


I’ve preached a few times about how God owns everything and we are to be good stewards of what is Gods. Since it’s not ours, it implies that we’ll take better care of it all, right? Wrong, at least in the case of Ananias and Sapphira. They were not good stewards, and God saw right through them.


I don’t think this means we’re all going to fall over and die for being bad stewards. There wouldn’t be any of us left if that was the case. But I think we’ve pushed from our mind what it means to be a steward.


We don’t like money. We hate talking about it. So we push it from our mind’s eye so we can ignore it. But we can’t.


I’ve been taken a few financial classes, to gain a better understanding of my own personal finances but also the church finances. One thing that I’ve known for ages and that is only confirmed by these classes is that we hate anything to do with money except what it can do for us. That is not how this is supposed to work.


God created everything, us, the trees, the air. That means God owns everything, including the like $200 in my checking account right now. It means I need to use that as God would want me to use that. For the followers in Peter’s time, that he was teaching, that meant hiding and hoarding it away from the community was NOT the right idea.


We need to take the same concept to heart. This money is not ours. We have to give back, to others who are in need, to our family and friends, to the church and to charities around us. We need to talk about it so we can be better stewards. We need to know how to handle our money, pay our bills, be debt free, save for the future. If we have money, we can give money. If we do this, then we are being good stewards, we are being better Christians and followers of our faith.


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