Be Healed – Acts 5:12-16 #DevotionDandy #Acts5

Read Acts 5:12-16

Read it again out loud.

Read it a third time, silently.


We don’t often see signs and wonders performed now like they were in the scriptures. I mean, when was the last time you witnessed someone be healed only by the laying on of hands? If you have witnessed it, then it was probably only once or twice. This is something rare today.


I’ll freely admit I’ve never been witness to something so beautiful. Sometimes I think that makes it harder for me to believe, to bear witness to the signs and wonders that can take place. It makes me a bit pessimistic, wondering why if we could only perform these same things the disciples were then we would also have thousands experiencing conversion daily.


But it’s simply not true. We’re not sharing the gospel message like the disciples were in the days of Peter and John, and later, Saul. This is something we have failed to continue in our faith. We don’t talk about evangelism in terms of helping someone else, we talk about it in terms of how to increase our attendance numbers on Sunday.


We’re not concerned with another person’s relationship with God when all we want is their money and their warm bodies.


I ask over and over again, what’s wrong with us? Why are we so selfish to think that it’s OUR church and that we only need those two things from someone? It’s sad and pathetic. It’s the truth and reality of how the church is. Evangelism isn’t about getting more money and people into the church. It’s about inviting them to be a part of this family, about walking a faith journey with them, about watching as they grow and deepen their relationship with Jesus in ways we never thought possible.


That is a sign and wonder right there. The beauty of our faith and the gift of our Lord. They wanted even Peter’s shadow to fall upon them because they knew he would help lead them, teach them, pray with them, be with them and heal them from all ails, all fear, all failures and sin. That, my friends, is true evangelism.


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