Chosen to Serve #DevotionDandy #Acts6


Read Acts 6:1-7


It’s not uncommon in ministry to suddenly be made aware of something you’ve accidentally neglected. That seems to be what happened in this passage. The disciples and followers were just going about their business when all of a sudden, smack! They realized they were neglecting the widows.


Now, I don’t know about your church, but in both of mine, the women make the church run, especially the widows. It’s just how it is. So neglecting them for us would be a tough thing to do, but there are people we neglect. In Dighton, we’re currently digging deep in thought, prayer, and discernment about how we have neglected “the young” those aged 15-29 years.


I promise you there is someone in your church who has been neglected. It’s our job then to figure out how to change that. There were seven men who were chosen to serve these widows, who were chosen to be a subset of the greater mission and to carry out one portion of that mission. This is how we all work together, this is how everything can be done.


I know people who would be horrible picks for working with widows, and I know some who would be absolutely wonderful. It’s similar when I think about reaching those who are 15-29 years old. Some would be great, and some do not have that in their repertoire.


The message is this: we work together to make sure no one is left behind, that no one is being neglected; we work within the passion and the talents God has given us, and everyone has a calling they must fulfill, a calling to serve.


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