Face of an Angel #DevotionDandy

Read Acts 6:8-15


Stephen never backed down. He was dragged from one place to another. He was shoved in front of people. People talked behind his back. They lied about him. They made him look like a horrible person. But Stephen never backed down.


He stood strong, knowing God was with him and he was not alone. He had faith that God would let everything come to pass as it should. He feared no one except God. That strength is the kind I want in my faith, and sadly, I’ll admit I’m not quite there.


I have fears and worries that go above and beyond just God. Earthly things that shouldn’t even be part of my thought process. This to me, fearing no one but God, is probably one of the hardest parts of my faith and my calling I have had to deal with.


It’s not just a matter of standing up on Sundays and preaching what I think needs to be said, but I need to look at the needs of those around me and see and know what they need. Which is actually what Stephen was doing. Verse eight tells us that he did great wonders and signs among the people. He did it for them, not for him.


But I still wonder how he got over that fear. How he was able to push back his fear of retaliation and consequences and be able to faithfully speak to those who were listening, to those he knew would twist his words and turn against him. That is the ultimate question, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer other than to trust God, to change our thinking processes, to really put our faith in our Creator.


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