Emergencies and Denominations #MadnessManaged

Life has been crazy these past few weeks. If you hadn’t heard, there’s been wildfires throughout the center of the US, and that’s right where we’re located. Fires raged through our county and through our town. I have two congregations, both of which were affected by two different fires, both on the same night, both devastating to those who were involved.


Emergencies take precedence over everything, even though there’s not much I can do about a fire. I can’t put it out, and I certainly don’t have the skills to be running out there to help. Most of my job came in the next day, the next week, and the following 2-3 weeks and it’ll continue for as long as my people need it.


My denomination has this amazing thing called Week of Compassion. We do a special offering for it every year, and my smaller church always exceeds what my bigger church gives to it by at least double if not more.


Week of Compassion was built for natural disasters. Like fires. The one thing I knew I could do for my people was call them up and ask for assistance. And they sent it. Within three days, we received a check in the mail for us to distribute to those who had been directly affected by the fires. Within three days I was able to give some small sense of hope from our larger Christian community, from our larger Disciples of Christ family.


Nothing made me happier to be able to mail off those checks and letter, knowing that even though the check was small, it would add some small piece of comfort.


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