Acts 8:2-25 “Saul and Philip” #DevotionDandy

I’m pretty sure the last thing on Saul’s mind at this point in his story is spreading the Gospel even farther than before, but that’s exactly what happened because of his actions. He persecuted those who believed Jesus was the Messiah, and so they scattered and fled.


By fleeing, they were able to meet new people, talk more about their faith, find more people to believe along with them. Philip took advantage of that. Philip changed the hearts of a lot of people, and he wasn’t concerned with their past at all. From a eunuch to a magician. Right?


They were not the most revered people around. They were seen as outcasts. They were see as not whole, tainted, as people who couldn’t be fully trusted because they weren’t like the rest. But Philip didn’t care. He wanted their hearts to be saved, to have their hearts softened and turned toward his God and Creator.


But the lessons didn’t stop with just conversation. Peter and John continued to teach Simon, the magician, all about faith and what his faith should involve. He got the love of Christ right away, but he didn’t fully grasp what it meant or how his life would be transformed. Philip gave him that opportunity because of what Saul had done in Jerusalem, and then Peter and John continued to teach and disciple Simon until he truly understood what the word of God meant and was telling him.


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