Recap Mar 30, 2017 – Rain, Rain, please come again! #ThrowbackThursday

Today has a been an unexpectedly busy week. I had a very large funeral I was presiding at on Tuesday afternoon during a HUGE thunderstorm that we desperately needed. What I love about living in a rural community is all the talk about the weather. It reminds me of my grandfather. He was an old farmboy too.

Any time I talk to my grandfather on the phone, he’s now 97 by the way, he always talks about the weather and what the weather is here compared to there. I know he knows what it is here anyway because he constantly is watching the weather channel and reading about it in newspapers. He’s completely aware of what’s going on in the US in terms of weather.

When I first interviewed here, they made a joke that conversations about the weather weren’t just small talk and I instantly knew that to be true because that’s how my family is too. We talk about the weather.

Well, Tuesday it rained. And it rained hard. Right as we were walking the casket out to the hearse, there was a loud thunderclap and lighting lighting up the sky. It was amazing and beautiful to watch, if not cold. But I stood under my umbrella in the rain as we loaded the casket and headed out to the cemetery. By the time we were coming back, the ditches were almost full and the rain was still coming down hard.

Especially after these fires, the rain is very much a blessing.

We had two full days of rain. And today, on Thursday, as the rain as finally stopped, I keep getting in reports about what everyone got in the gauges. I haven’t bought a gauge yet because I prefer to see what everyone else and average it out. There are reports of up to 3 inches of rain in two days. That is a lot for this drought-ridden area.

I definitely praise God for this rain, for the moisture, and for the deep green wheat fields that now spread across the plains as I drive from one congregation to the next.


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