Matthew 21:1-11 “The Who” #SermonizingSunday #PalmSunday #Sermon

This passage of scripture is all about who Jesus is, who he was from the time he was born until after his death. This was the recognition of the power and prestige he held before his people. This was a moment when the disciples who followed him would see that recognition in others who hadn’t even met him yet.



It’s really very simple, actually. Go to the city, do as Jesus says, and then come back and do as Jesus says. But it’s also incredibly complicated. Jesus trusted that the people the disciples met would listen to their hearts and the spirit calling out to them, that they would help him fulfill the prophecy.



Prophecy back then wasn’t like it is now. Back then, it meant something for someone to be a part of the prophecy, a part of fulfilling a prophecy. The word prophecy has seemed to lost meaning over the years and has become something only for fantasy and sci fi novels.



But the prophecy was fulfilled through Jesus, through the disciples listening to him, through the townspeople who heard the words “The Lord needs them” and knew exactly what to do. Jesus wasn’t just some person coming to do. He was the master, the savior, the chosen one, the Messiah, the Christ, the one who was and is and is yet to be.



Jesus was there to fulfill the prophecy. “Look, your king is coming to you, humble, and mounted on a donkey, and on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” He was the one. The person. He was the who.



And he still is. All these years later, Jesus is the who behind this week, this celebration, this time of the year. He is the reason for the season, in other words. Who Jesus was and is and is yet to be became something beyond what those disciples back then could ever imagine. Who Jesus was become who Jesus is to us today and who Jesus will be to those generations that come after us.



The who. The one. The reason we are all alive today, who he was is what gave us purpose and meaning in our lives. Yes, there’s the why too. We’ll get to that next week. But the who, the one who would change and transform everything—that goes beyond anything right now.



Who is Jesus to you? Is he just your savoir? He is your best friend? Is he the one you can confide in day and night? Who is Jesus? Who is this man? Who is this one who calls himself “Lord” who says he needs a donkey and a colt?



That’s what’s key here. Jesus wasn’t just some random person. For certain the people in those days were looking for the signs that the Messiah was coming, that he was there walking among them. Surely, they knew what to look for and even if they didn’t spend every moment of their day with their nose to the ground in search of they savoir, they knew what it looked like when it happened upon them.



Here we are in the exact same boat. Jesus is coming. The Lord is asking for things because the Lord needs them. He is humble, he is mounted on a donkey and a colt, and he is coming this way to see us. We are to lay down our cloaks and create a path for him, a royal walkway to show him our love and our dedication to the calling he has given us.



Who Jesus is what gives us the goal and meaning behind what we do. We wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for Jesus, in other words. We wouldn’t be the people we are today, or working out our calling in these ways without him. But that means we have to know who he is. We have to be able to succinctly say, this is who Jesus is to me. This is who my Lord and Savoir is and what those two words mean.



So who is Jesus for you? Have you thought about it that way? This is part of the why. This is part of our who reason for being here, for believing, yet many of us can’t put into succinct words who Jesus is. We can’t explain it to someone who doesn’t do church-speak, who hasn’t grown up in the same environment that we have.



To me Jesus is my Savoir, that means he forgives me, he wipes away all the wrongs I have done, all the things I’ve failed at, all the times I’ve come up short. For me, Jesus is my strength. He is the one who stands behind me and gives me that little extra push. He is the one who gives me courage, power, confidence. All those things that help me get through the day to day of life.



Jesus is the one who I know I can fall back on. When the world is in utter chaos and spinning in circles, I know he’s going to be the one standing in the middle of it all, ready to take charge and take me under his wing. I know he will always love me, no matter what.


Jesus is who I want with me every day. He is who I know will never fail me, the only one. Jesus is who I want to be like when I grow up, and yes, I’m still growing up. We all are.



Who is Jesus for you? Who is he? He’s fulfilled the prophecy already. He is who the scriptures have told us who he is, but who is he to you on a more personal level? He’s humble, he’s coming, the Lord needs us and what we can do for him.



Next week, as we remember how he lived, as we remember how he died, was crucified, was buried and how he rose again we’ll shout his name to the heavens and to all those who can hear us. “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!”



Jesus is here. He is coming. The Lord rides in on a donkey, on a colt, paved by a way of cloaks and palm branches. Hosanna in the highest heaven, for Jesus is come and we know exactly who he is.




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