Dependency and Trust #MadnessManaged

I found out on Good Friday that I would be having surgery on Easter Monday. It was quite a shock. Not a major surgery, but there was risk to it. Either way, I had to make plans quick. I was lucky to have the weekend to even begin to make those plans.


One thing I’ve known throughout being in a church is that it’s important to have people to rely on, even as the minister. As a minister, those people are sometimes different than if you’re a congregant. I rely heavily on my elders, and last week while I was out the ENTIRE WEEK going INSANE because I wasn’t allowed to work, I knew I could rely on my elders to get the job done.


I found pulpit supply quickly, but I also knew if I couldn’t, one of my elders could preach and they would knock it out of the park. I knew that the visitations I had planned on doing would get done or they’d be able to be pushed back a week. I knew that if there were any emergencies that came up, like a funeral or someone going into the hospital (which did happen) that I wouldn’t be bothered or concerned.


This is trust. It’s also dependency. For one week, I was completely dependent on other people—not something I’m good at or like doing. But it humbled me. I couldn’t do my own laundry, I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than my son and it’s a good thing he’s a chunk. I was ordered to basically sit on my couch and watch television or crochet (which I did a ton of).


But I was dependent. And I had to learn to fully trust that other people were going to be doing the work of the church that I couldn’t be doing when I desperately wanted to be doing just that.


It’s humbling. It’s amazing to watch how people can grow in just one week. It’s beautiful to see the inner workings of the church and to know that maybe I can disappear for a week or two on vacation and the whole world won’t fall apart (now if I can only convince them of that)!


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