“Back to Saul” Acts 9:19b-31 #DevotionDandy

Read Acts 9:19b-31


I’m a Beachbody coach on the side. It’s not anything new, but one of the tenants they teach is to be a product of the product. I can’t help but think about that in Saul’s case. He wasn’t a believer, and he finally gave in, and then he can’t get enough of it. At first people didn’t believe he had changed, that he’d made these life changes and were going to stick them.


He was doubted in his sincerity. But he kept at it, he kept talking about how Jesus was the Messiah, and people came to believe and follow because of him. They understood his life had truly changed. Then he was pushed out of the city and had to start all over again.


Saul did the exact same thing in Jerusalem, in Tarsus, in every place he went. He was committed fully to what he believed, he practiced his faith, he talked about his faith, he was a product of the one true God, the one true Jesus, the one and the only. And that showed people how serious he was. It showed them how much he had changed.


It wasn’t long until Saul became Paul and he had quite a following, and the fact is, he’s still one of the best teachers and coaches out there. There are lot of his letters in the Bible, am I right? So Saul was doing something right. He was being a product of his faith and he was sharing the gospel in every way he could. He did not give up. He did not slide back into his life before he’d changed it, and he kept pushing forth even through the set backs.


That cane be hard for us to stomach sometimes, hard for us to keep pushing through. I should know. I haven’t blogged in weeks, and it’s harder to get back into it after stopping. I haven’t worked out in over a month, and I know it’s going to be hard to start up again, but I also can’t wait.


I know the different these things make in my life. I know the different the Messiah makes. So why wouldn’t I work to keep that difference? Why wouldn’t I want to be a product of my faith and share all that’s changed for the better with me with someone else? Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?


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