Fire and Ice… #ThrowbackThursday

I don’t know if you heard about this INSANE weather we’ve been having, but it’s INSANE. Saturday at about 3am we started to get snow. IN THE END OF APRIL! It stopped for the day, and I actually drove the 45 minutes to town to do some grocery shopping and earn a little extra cash on the side by selling an unused carseat we had.

On the drive back, we could clearly see the snow line, which was just south of the county line. Beautiful, yet scary. At the same time, we knew more snow was coming. And boy, did it come.

We got 15 inches of snow between Saturday (which most had melted by Sunday) and Sunday. Church services were cancelled, which included our 5th Sunday Service Sunday, which is a good thing because we had absolutely no power.

Just went the house started to get really cold, the amazing linemen got our power up and running and the furnace kicked on! w00t!

That afternoon though I received a call from the Sheriff’s department looking for a place to set up as emergency housing. All the highways were blocked off, so there were people stranded in town. I rallied our amazing people, and we shoveled that 15 inches of snow and got the church warmed up and ready to wait for anyone in need.

No one came to stay the night. Pfft, but whatever. We were there for anyone who needed it.

I had a doctor’s appointment in town Monday. Sunday I knew it was cancelled. Monday I found out that the roof on my doctor’s office had collapsed because of the snow. Tuesday there were no appointments. They found temporary housing, and they fit me in on Wednesday (my appointment was time sensitive so I got priority).

Chaos. Pain. Hurt.

After the fires in March and now this snow, our little part of Western Kansas has been hit hard. I’ve heard stories of more cattle loss, wheat crop loss, housing and building loss. There’s just nothing we can do to prevent these, and the pain I’m seeing and feeling is innumerable.

It’s times like this where I really do have to remind myself that God is good, all the time. Even when it doesn’t seem like it. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

God is good, all the time.


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