“Peter Heals” Acts 9:32-43 #DevotionDandy

Read Acts 9:32-43


Miraculous acts of healing in the scriptures happen often, in the gospels and in the book of Acts. They’re always hard for me to read, especially with bringing back the dead. Personally there are many people whom I have loved and lost that I would like to bring back from the dead. I know I’m not the only one.


I struggle with these passages, and I tend to avoid then when I’m reading and preaching on scripture. They’re hard for me to mentally and emotionally understand. I just do get it. Why do some people receive healing and others don’t? How does this compare to what we see now?


There are people I know who have been able to live with disease for 20-30 years, and there are others who receive a diagnoses and die weeks later. There are those who are supposed to die who don’t and those who aren’t supposed to die who do. It does not make sense in my puny mind.


Why do I lose my child and someone else can have four healthy pregnancies and never a worry?


My questions will never be answered. And I know that, but that doesn’t make it any easier to live into the question. I think that’s what these passages show us, or at least me. Live into the questions. Only God has all the answers, and frankly, even if God wanted to share them with us, I’m not sure we’d understand. The answers are too big for us, they’re too complicated or perhaps too simple. Instead, it is our job to live into the questions.


To go with the flow. To know we won’t understand. To know there will be contradictions. To know that God is great and good, and that we are not God.


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