Unclean #DevotionDandy #Acts10

Read Acts 10:1-33


There was a time in my life when I called myself tainted. I figured no one could ever be in a relationship with me long-term, friendship or otherwise. I was utterly depressed, I was in my darkest hour, and I had no hope and could see no other life than the one I had.


It had been that way for years.


When I was a child, I was sexually abused. That changed my outlook on life. It made me grow up with a different view point, one where trust comes slowly, where love is rare and doesn’t always come without strings attached, where relationships are often twisted in a way that doesn’t seem right.


It took me years to understand how to work through this, to recognize all the fingers of affect that this had on my life. But until that happened, I routinely considered myself tainted or unclean, even though I knew God loved me no matter what. I just didn’t think anyone else could or would.


I was wrong, of course, but he journey to discovery of how clean I was because God loved me was a long and complicated one. There were steps back and steps forward. It took many Peter’s coming forth and telling me I was clean, that I was washed, that I was perfect in the eyes of my Creator.


This passage is that moment. The moment when the veil of deception falls away, the moment when the realization of love is truly taken to heart, when love reigns and defeats all.


One thought on “Unclean #DevotionDandy #Acts10

  1. I wish you had been spared the trauma and pain, but your recovery, your thriving life, is a testament to God’s ability to heal and restore.


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