Send down the Spirit #DevotionDandy #churchsplit

Read Acts 10:44-48


Division. It’s a word we know well. Both my congregations have experienced a split, a division, a time when there was distrust, anger, deception, hurt, and pain. Both congregations know what it is to have a line drawn in the sand and to be standing on one side of that.


Christ is the only one who make these proud divisions end. And it’s not easy work. The Jews were astounded, even after everything they had witness and watched, astounded that the Gentiles would be welcomed into the family of God like they were.


I know many of us have experienced the same. Whether it’s a church division, friend division, or a family division, we all know that heartbreak that it brings. We all know that we’d be astonished and amazed when that division no longer existed.


It’s probably a whole new world for them all. They have to get to know one another in a new light, a light where each side still has to work in order to be together, where each person is there for a reason, the same reason, and that it’s recognized the love they all share for the one greater God.


I rarely hear the word impossible, anymore. Thank goodness! To be nothing is impossible with the power of God, and I’ll flat out tell people that if they try to convince me otherwise. It wasn’t impossible for the Gentiles to become believers, and it is not impossible to get over the hurt of a church split. With God’s help, we can.


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