Party Time! When the Secretary’s Out! #MadnessManaged


One day is fine, right? My secretary was gone earlier this week, and the first day was fine. I was all, this is great, she deserves the time off (and it’s for a good reason, too). Well, day two happened. Suddenly the party was over, and I was sitting in my house at ten at night trying to wrack my brain and come up with everything we needed to do for the week in case she didn’t come back on Thursday or Friday.


Like bulletins.


Like the board reports being copied out for everyone.


Like the finance stuff she does.


Like the announcement sheet.


It’s crazy how much my secretary does for the church, and how she keeps us all on schedule and on track of what’s going on.


I had a mini panic attach, not gonna lie. My secretary is amazing, which is huge. Not all of them are. But mine somehow manages to get everything done in 3 hours a day, five days a week. She’s not even full time, peoples.


I may be a week or two late on this whole administration appreciation day stuff, but I really appreciate what she does for me and for the church. My workload is definitely eased when she’s around.


She’s the one who makes it possible for me to blog, because if I had to do what she was doing, I wouldn’t have time for any of this stuff.


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