Acts 11:19-30 “A Name and a Cause” #DevotionDandy

Read Acts 11:19-30


What I love about this passage is two things. The first, we get a name! Finally we are named Christians. We are given an identity. We are given this cohesiveness other than just Jesus Follower. We are given this meaning that has taken us throughout generations and through thousands of years.


This name stuck.


“…and it was in Antioch that the disciples were first called ‘Christians.’”


It’s such a beautiful phrase to read. It’s almost like giving birth. You agonize for months and days and close to a year, deciding on what the best name for your child will be. Sometimes you know ahead of time, and sometimes you change your mind right when the child arrives, finally. But they have a name. They have an identity as soon as that name is given.


They have a purpose and a cause. That’s the second thing I love about this passage. The Christians are given a cause, and that cause is to feed the hungry. It’s beautiful. It’s a cause we still have today. Even in my churches, there’s always food left in the fridges just in case someone comes by and needs and drink or food.


Just last Friday we had a couple of cyclists who were outside in the rain eating and someone noticed, so they were invited in. It’s a cause that has transcended time and will continue to transcend time. It’s a cause that gave us something to circle around and move together to work on fixing, to work on repairing, to work on showing how God loves people through feeding the hungry.


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