About Me


921348_1021105214647167_990086840685830341_oI’m Pastor Aerii, and I live in the small town of Dighton, KS. I’ve been meaning to start a blog on small town ministry since starting my tenure here. This is a blog to explore faith, explore how small towns continue to do their ministry, and to talk about God.

I pastor two congregations in western Kansas. First Christian Church in Dighton and First Christian Church in Utica. Each congregation is unique in its own right, but they both struggle with the same thing–dsc_0062how to do ministry in a world where the church is dying and in a place when the cities are growing smaller by the second.

In my home life, I have a wonderful and amazing spouse who is always a support to me no matter what. We have a recent addition to our family in February 2016, a son (and he shall be called Spider-Man) a.k.a. Parker. He’s a rambunctious kid who comes with me to work almost every day of the year. I also have two cats, a dog. I love crocheting, fishing, photography, reading and writing in my “spare time”.  dsc_0073


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